Inaugural Ceremony of MITT, Madhupur

Inaugural Ceremony of Madhusthali Institute of Teacher Training (MITT), Madhupur 

Date-12/08/2014                                                                        Venue-Multi Purpose Hall

The present report is a brief description on the major activities and viewpoints of invitees in this auspicious occasion of MITT. Mr.Prof (Dr.) Qamar Ahsan,Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of Sido Kanhu Murmu University, Dumka inaugurated MITT formally in the presence of 80 invitees from SKMU, Media, Public representative, Social workers and other eminent personalities. The students and teachers of Madhusthali Vidyapeeth expressed Guard of Honor to Hon’ble VC,SKMU.The MV students did also sing Ganesh Vandana during the lighting of Lamp by Hon’ble VC and others.The B.Ed students did sing a welcome song.

Mr.K K Kejriwal, Managing Trustee, Madhusthali Vidyapeeth Trust
Mr.Kejriwal welcomed all invitees, student teachers and newly joined faculties of MITT and assured all of them to extend all types of support as and when required. He shared what and why of MITT and except that MITT will address the issues of quality degradation in teacher education institutions in the state of Jharkhand. He said MITT should be an example for others and should bring the thoughts of NCF 2005 and NCFTE 2009 into the educational practices .The learning environment should conducive for all categories of student’s teachers. Student teacher and faculties should best utilize the resources available in MITT and should be a part of its decision making procedures.
University authorities should feel free to utilize the human and material resources of MITT as when required. The product of MITT should create an identity of an effective teacher by loving children, loving teaching and loving profession.

Dr.Pravat Kumar Dhal, Head, Deptt. of Education,Magadh University

Being a well wisher of Madhusthali Family he shared how did MITT overcome the obstacles in its culmination stage and reach to this formal inauguration. He was of the opinion that all those B.Ed colleges will survive those who have sufficient infrastructure as per the norm of NCTE.Thus Madhusthali has a bright future and the students teachers should feel fortunate for being in MITT. He analyzed the present scenario of teacher education in India and compare with other countries. He advocated for and modifies form of teaching in teacher education institutions.

Dr.Vinod Kumar Jha, Dean Student Welfare,SKMU

Dr. Jha expressed his feelings that teachers should be sensitive, motivational and serious to their duties. They should familiar with social life of community and prepare the children accordingly. He was satisfied with the physical infrastructure available and the conducive learning environment of the MITT.

Prof. (Dr.) Qamar Ahsan, Vice Chancellor, SKMU, Dumka said MITT has some sort of unique feature. He advised all of us to follow the system but to create a system which will improve the quality of learning of student teachers in MITT. He was of the opinion that all of us should try to minimize the problem of communication deficiency, play ideas in right direction and familiar with technology. He was impressed a lot by the resources available in MITT and hopeful for its proper utilization. At the time of welcoming students’ teachers, he said each student teacher should feel fortunate for being here. He also shared the idea of Old Age University like other countries to implement.

Lastly Dr.A.K.Mohanty, Principal-in Charge thanks to Hon’ble Vice Challencellor, SKMU for sparing some time for this inauguration from his busy schedule. He also thanks to Dr.JHa,Dr.Dhal and all other invites for their kind participation in that auspicious occasion. He also thanks all local public representatives, medias and Madhusthali Vidyapeeth for support.
All had an opportunity to have their lunch with Hon’ble Vice Chancellor.

The second half of the day was fully spend for the induction of newly admitted B.Ed students. Mr. K. K. Kejriwal, chaired the session. Mr. Neelkant Gupta and Mr.Amitabh Mohan from Kolkata facilitate the session along with Dr.Dhal. Mr.Gupta emphasized the personality development of educators. He also shared how communication is important for an effective teacher.Mr.Amitabh encourage each student teacher and explain how MITT is close to Hindi word Mitra.He also conducted many activities to break the monotony and shyness of student teachers. Dr. Dhal also encourage each one and except to be an effective teacher in future.