Academic Rules and Regulation

Academic Rules & Regulations

  • The working days should be at least 200 days in an academic year as per NCTE & JAC recommendations.
  • Each student should work 36 hours weekly.
  • All academic transactions either of theory or practical/skill/fieldwork oriented have equal weightage on designing academic calendar.
  • There is unit as well as monthly test procedure to track the progress of the each pupil teacher.
  • All the curricular transactions inside the classroom will directly linked to institute situations and followed by feedback of institute students, classroom teaching, if possible the community members. The consolidation of curriculum transactions of the class rooms and bridge with field work will be always appreciated.
  • Encourage seminar, articles, workshop, lecture and other academic forums will be encouraged in the light of multi- disciplinary, innovative and activity oriented and child friendly approach.
  • Action research on the part of pupil-teachers and faculties will also be encouraged.
  • Academic representation in any academic forum of college on teacher education on the part of students and faculties will be encouraged in the cost of quality parameter and thrust of Institute.