Code of Conduct for Students

Student Code of Conduct :

  • The College starts from 10:00 a.m. and continue up to 4.00 p.m. on all the six days of a week to ensure more than 220 working days in a session. Besides Seminars, Cultural activities and sports, teaching practice and other project assignments are planned from time to time, separate notices for which are issued.
  • Pupil-Teachers are advised to be present in the institute campus sharp by 9.45 a.m. with necessary reports/teaching aids. Since classes start at 10.00 a.m. students entering late in a particular class may be liable to be marked absent.
  • Pupil-Teachers must strictly adhere to the dress code of the Institute. Breach of Dress Code will be treated as gross indiscipline on the part of the student for which he/she may be liable to be punished in such manner as may be decided by the Institute authority.
  • Pupil-Teachers must follow the ‘Academic Calendar’ and prepare themselves to do the best in different activities of Calendar.
  • 90% of attendance is compulsory in Practicum and 80% in Theory for each Pupil-Teacher to appear the final exam.
  • Frequent late coming in class will not be allowed in anyway.
  • Appearing at unit test, monthly tests, peer learning activities are compulsory.
  • During outside project work/practical work and team work, students will be subject to rules and regulations of the school/organization where they are deputed. Students should follow these rules and regulations and keep their supervisors/teacher-educators posted with the progress made on the project. The Norms and standards set by the supervisor/teacher educator need to be strictly followed.
  • Use of Cell Phones at classes, labs and the library is strictly prohibited. Pupil-Teachers using cell phones must switch them off before entering classes, labs and the library. 
  • Non-submission of Project Reports/Teaching Records will debar the Pupil-Teacher from conducting the next experiment.
  • All the labs follow certain safety and academic Norms for their smooth functioning. Pupil-Teachers are advised to keep themselves updated on those Norms and follow them accordingly.
  • Innovations/suggestions are highly solicited. Pupil-Teachers are requested to use idea box or disseminate the same using Notice board.
  • Publication in any form of idea will be encouraged in the institution.
  • Institute may plan for action researches on teacher efficiency, evaluation of learning performances, development of teaching learning materials etc. where Pupil-Teachers have to own it.