From the Principal's Desk

With the progress in technology, everything is changing rapidly in the entire world and so has the education system. Our endeavor as a teacher training college is not only to impart knowledge, enhancing individual skills and ability, maintaining discipline and inculcating ethical values of human behavioral aspects in our students but also to develop their overall personality so that they grow themselves in such a way as to become an example of a true torchbearer of the society. We believe that the role of education should not be limited to providing and grasping knowledge and theory. The actual goal of education is to go beyond in awarding degrees and certificates to the students. The eventual goal of education is to discover the meaningful purpose of life and serving the entire humankind with a sence of pride. The quest for education is to be knowledgeable, human and elegant in all spheres of life. It is said, “Knowledge cannot be given but it has to be earned and character is not granted but it has to be cultivated”.

MITT helps the students in developing their personalities, felicitating extracurricular activities and highlighting their overall perspectives. The ingredients of all the essential characteristics and qualities of a good and ideal institution such as highly trained faculty members, rich library, tested teaching methods, good natural environmental atmosphere etc. are available within the campus of MITT. At MITT, we also ensure that our students get the best take off to build their career, become the smartest ad knowledgeable citizens of the society and serve our great country, the modern India, a country enriched with its heritage, culture and developing science technology.

I wish the students a very successful and prosperous career in the years to come. Last but not least “A school is building which has four walls with tomorrow inside” (Los Watters)

With warm wishes……

Dr. Jolly Sinha.